My Mission:

Engaging, Equipping, and connecting children and their families to their most strategic role in completing the Great Commission.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everyone loves pictures

Here's some more pictures from my first debut as Conductor Courage! (Yep, I even wore the red shoes!)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good doesn't even begin to describe it!

So much is happening! I've been meaning to come and tell you about it more often than I do (to whoever, if anyone, who reads this) but time is a precious commodity during this season of life!! Here's some exciting snippets from this last week:

- I received a long-prayed for anchor donor last weekend!!! There significant monthly gift brings me up to 63% support! I only need $1,000 more in monthly giving and I'm on my way to Pasadena!!

- I had two AMAZING opportunities this month! First, I spent the week at Packinghouse's VBS- Egypt File! Each day, I got to dress up as Conductor Courage (from Global Xpress) and come running on stage with a train sound and spend about 5 minutes teaching kids about different mission topics relating to Egypt. Then, on Friday, I was asked to teach the Bible study rotation. We went through the 10 plagues and how the whole time God had one main purpose: that they would KNOW HIM!!! I spoke to over 500 kids all week! And on Friday, I had there complete attention. It was so incredible!!

- Secondly, I also spent this week running an around the world program for Novaland Youth Development Center. I wrote the program to mirror the Amazing Race (a reality show on TV). This week, kids explored areas of Africa and the Middle East. Through several activities and challenges, the kids learned about culture and tradition, along with tribal religion, Islam, and orphans. At the end of each day, we spent time debriefing and talking about God's love for them and for the whole world. They are responding so well, and they keep showing up each day! These 15 kids come from an area of San Bernardino known as "Little Africa." It's an area that, just a few years ago, was also considered one of the most dangerous, drug infested areas of our town. Next week, we will be exploring Southeast Asia, Asia, and Latin America.

Please join me in praying for these 500+ kids that I was able to teach this week and will continue to teach next week. Pray that the seeds that were sown take deep root, growing and multiplying into a life that seeks to make Jesus known in all they do. Pray that what they've heard this week will create within them a desire to play a part in the story for His glory!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Lessons in Mokpo

Hello all!

Right now I'm sitting in a small apartment in Mokpo. I'm miles away from home in the beautiful country of South Korea. It feels so strange to be overseas for vacation rather than missions, but even in vacation I find myself still on mission.

I find myself still praying for the shop keeper we passed on the street, for the little boy I saw kneeling before a Buddha statue, for the gigantic Christian churches that hold their banner high across the city.

And still God is teaching me, whispering to my heart and helping me to heal and grow and change. It is still my story of grace.

I heard a quote yesterday at church that rocked my boat...

"The best thing we can do for God is let Him love us."

Let Him me. Hm. How often I DON'T do that! How often I work and plan and work some more in order to feel worthy of his love and affection. But all the working in the world does not had one ounce of extra love. I already have it in it's fullness.

And then I think, what would the next six months look like if I determined to just let God love me. Period. Forget the support raising and the ministry and all the things that I work and work and work for. What if I just let Him love me? If He provides, perfect. If He doesn't, perfect still. Either way, He is doing what He, in his infinite wisdom, knows is best. Why? Because I just let Him love me.