My Mission:

Engaging, Equipping, and connecting children and their families to their most strategic role in completing the Great Commission.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Join me in a day of prayer

Last week I watched the movie "A Faith like Potatoes," the story of an Irish farmer living in South Africa. He believed that when God promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that if his people, who are called by his name, humbled themselves and prayed and sough his face, that he would hear from heaven and heal their land, that God really meant it. And so, in the middle of a drought, he called all people, both black and white, to gather together and pray. 

I have seen the results of when God's people join together in a concert of prayer. His promises are true.
And so I am calling you to join me in a day of prayer and fasting.
I am in my 9th week of support raising with only $365 in monthly support left before I can move to ministry location. 
Although I am so close, this last $365 is not coming easily. 

Please join me in a day of prayer and fasting for this last bit of support. 
This support, that represents so much more than me and my move, but represents a ministry that will
    .....bring children into a full love relationship with Jesus
      .....that will train and equip parents to be the spiritual role models to their children,
         ....that will challenge churches to build children's programs that engage their faith and motivate kids for the Kingdom
            ...a ministry that will even bring healing and hope to nations as kids pray, give, and maybe even one day go with the Good News of the Savior of the  

When: Tuesday August 23, 2011
Time: All day
What: pray, fast...whatever you feel lead to do.

Let's ask the God of the harvest to bring in all the money needed by August 31, 2011.
Let's seek his face and asking him to bring healing
to kids,
to families,
to churches,
to nations.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Carissa's Chronicles July 2011

The storm was raging. The wind howled, leaving an icy chill in its wake. The waves rolled and crashed, sending the tiny, wooden boat back and forth with no direction. Inside the boat was a crew of experienced fishermen. They knew the waters better than anyone, yet they were afraid.

When all hope seemed lost, a man appeared, walking on the water. Peter called out to the man, “Lord, if that’s really you, call me to step out of the boat.”

A pastor recently pointed out to me that Peter could have made a handful of “safer” requests to prove that the man standing before them was really Jesus. He could have asked Him things that only Jesus would know, things that never would have required Peter to leave the safety of the boat. But he didn’t. The brave and foolish Peter said, “If that’s you, call me out to walk on the water, too”…in the middle of a raging storm!!

I can only imagine the excitement and sheer wonder that Peter felt when he took the first step onto the glassy sea of Galilee. Then, as quickly as it happened, reality set in. The waves became clear again. The sound of the howling wind became deafening. Peter began to sink.

I relate to Peter in so many ways. I have stepped out of the boat, away from safety and security, to walk on the waters with Jesus. I have felt the sheer wonder and excitement of a life of faith. But I also know all too well the fear. I know how it feels to begin to sink.

If you would have asked me how I was back in April, I would have told you that I was just like Peter….sinking. The excitement of water walking had faded and all I could see were the waves- waves of doubt and discouragement, waves of waiting too long, waves of decreasing financial support. The old cliché saying, “Where God guides, God provides,” was no longer ringing true.

Then came the hand. Just when I thought I was going under, Jesus reached His hand out to me in the most unusual of places….Fayetteville, Arkansas.

If you recall, I visited our regional office in Northwest Arkansas in April. Previous to my time there, the staff in Arkansas had no ministry to children, nor any real interest to begin one. I spoke at a staff meeting and shared my vision and ministry. No one anticipated what God had planned! A small wildfire was started and it has sense continued to grow. I have accepted an invitation to transfer to the Arkansas office. Leadership has seen the great value of mobilizing children and has decided they want to take it on full time and expand it to a national, and maybe one day, global level.

This move will bring our first ever full-time team of staff members. It will also establish the US Center for World Mission’s first ever recognized children’s department. Not only will we be able to expand Global Xpress with greater resources and skills, but we will also be more effective by beginning additional ministries to parents, teachers, and leaders. We have already begun brainstorming ideas for Moms On Mission, a ministry for moms seeking to disciple their children to love Jesus and involve them in His work.

A new chapter is unfolding. I can’t begin to express my excitement over what lies in store. The team in Arkansas is ready and waiting to begin. Here’s the game plan:

- In June, we suspended Global Xpress for a season.

- I am currently raising support full-time. I cannot move to my new ministry location until I reach 100%.

- Once I move to Fayetteville and get settled, my team and I will spend several days back at the drawing board…reevaluating, creating, and strategizing. Then the fun begins!

As I write this, I am just $550 of monthly support away from packing up my small room and heading south. I can see Jesus smiling at me, a chuckle on his lips, as he says to me, “Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

God has called me to alter eternity in the lives of children and families around the globe. I eagerly await all that God has in store for this ministry and all the opportunities to share in His glory with you. Thank you for journeying with me, making these kingdom opportunities reality.

May we all strive to step out of the boat and straight toward Jesus!

Just $480 dollars more to go til I reach 100% and am able to move to my ministry location!