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Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Keeps Getting Better

Even the ugliest circumstances can look happy when looking at life through rose colored glasses. I'm sporting a pair now. Life is good- not the everything is perfect and dandy sort of good, but the I'm living and loving life because of God's handiwork kind of good.

My support is still low, but my bank account miraciously has stayed level for the past two months. I applied for support at Packinghouse. The meeting to discuss it amongst the board is the 1st Tuesday of March. I find myself nodding my head in agreement as Paul says "I know what it is to be in need and I know what is to have plenty - I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." (Philp 4:11-12). My heart is still floating in a fluffy, protective cloud of perfect peace.

Significant meetings and opportunities abound. Conversations regarding GX amongst the leadership of the US Center continue. I sense a great momentum building. 1200 advertisements for GX went out this month in all donor receipts (those who give financially to USCWM and it's missionaries). Greg Parsons put word to Rick Wood about featuring GX in Mission Frontiers; John Langer is working to build us our own custom database; Jon Pon has asked me to come into tomorrow to help plan the children's portion of our up coming FMF retreat; meet with Christy Graham tomorrow to discuss networking among Perspective churches, and I'm just waiting schedule alignment with the men from our Arkansas office to discuss children's mobilization on a boarder scale.

We had 5 new kids sign up this week. We just sent out our 41st issue on Mongolia (a country who just 20 years ago didn't even have a church). This month I celebrate the fact that I have survived the creation of 80 children's magazines- a feat that just never seems to get easier! haha

Today I had a very significant meeting with the children's pastor at Packinghouse. Mike Barrnet just stepped in 2 months ago...we are kindred spirits! We are both free thinking, unconventional, I'd-rather-ask-for-forgiveness-than-permission go-getters. And we both share a passion for family discipleship and ministry and giving our kids some real opportunities for growth. Conversations will continue in weeks ahead on how to incorporate GX or other mission focused ideas into our Sunday School. I'm also being put on the creative team for VBS to help add these components into what we do there. This kind of meeting would be the most exciting adrenal rush for me at any church...but to have it with the pastor of my own church!?! Somebody pinch me...I'm dreaming!

Wrapping up Mongolia stuff this week. Heading into our next issue on Ukraine. Still looking for more laborers- artists and administrative help in particular!

Up Ahead
March 20- Facilitating night of prayer for children around the world for a Perspectives course in Corona
March 26- Leading two live teaching demonstrations at Chinese American Idea Exchange

P.S. More pictures from Walnut Preschool and events at MVC still to come.

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