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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Learning to Listen

I spent last week in the hilly land of Fayetteville, Arkansas. I had an amazing week out at the US Center's Regional office. I am still processing a lot from my trip....asking some big questions and seeing what God wants to do. Yet God seems silent...or isn't he?

I am learning to listen. I am beginning to hear him speak in ways I haven't before. Maybe I don't hear an audible voice, but I see his visible hand. I pray and he answers. Doors open. Hope and peace reign. I think I've become so focused on only making decisions based on hearing the audible voice of God but he speaks in so many other ways too. What do you think?

I'm headed today to Pasadena for 3 days. We will be exhibiting at the CMTA (Christian Ministries Teacher Association) conference tomorrow and Saturday. I will be teaching two workshops as well at 9am Fri and 8:30am Saturday. Nancy will be teaching on closing session Saturday. Please pray with us for this event. I am teaching on some big topics, skipping over preschool crafts and how to tell good Bible stories, and addressing the needs for our kids to be introduced to a God-centered life and guided into a life of purpose for the Kingdom. Pray that the right people will come to each workshop, their hearts ready to hear and be challenged. 

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