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Monday, August 13, 2012

How to be an Olympic Mother

I'm not mom. I just dream to be one. But when I find great material on motherhood, I can't help but pass it on. It is my job inspire mom's to raise strong and purposeful arrows. :)

Check out this blog from InspiredtoAction. Great material. Be inspired. Be encouraged.

I’ve been equally inspired by and distracted by the Olympics the last few weeks.
I have been staying up way too late and not getting enough done. But at the same time, I am so inspired watching the focus, commitment and passion of each athlete.
I love how their dedication to excellence defies the modern idea that we can have it all.

I know it may look to the average watcher like they have it all – fame, fitness, achievement – but the only reason they have those big things is because they gave up so many small (and not so small) things along the way.
They have given up, over an over, the things they want in exchange for the things they dream.
They don’t watch HGTV marathons. They don’t eat ice cream or snacks at their leisure. They don’t sleep in or stay up late.
The pattern of their lives has been to surrender their wants for their dreams.
The trajectory of their entire lives led to this one moment. What they ate, how much they slept, how they spent their time, how much they pursued pain because they knew Gold was on the other side.

It’s All About The Start

One of my favorite things to watch is the way each athlete preps for their event.Some listen to music. Some talk to themselves. Others seem to stare into oblivion with a focus and intensity that could burn a hole through anything that gets between them and the Gold medal.
No one is checking their phone, leisurely chatting with others or nibbling on a bag of chips. That would be ridiculous.
They are at the Olympics. This is the moment of urgency. All the training they’ve been doing their entire lives comes down to right now and they’ll stop at never.
There is no sacrifice without urgency.
Hours upon hours upon hours they spent on meticulous and mundane things like the way they start, the line of their arms, the way they breathe, and how they finish. They work for years in anonymity, early mornings, financial sacrifice and physical pain.
Being an Olympian really isn’t that different from being a mother.
But perhaps it’s easier to sacrifice when you’re standing at the starting blocks of your Olympic dream, but when you’re a mom and there are 5 long hours until nap time and 18 years to get the job done, it’s hard to feel the same sense of urgency.
And yet, in mother time, 5 hours and 5 years seem to go by equally. It is no sooner nap time as it is graduation day.
So, now is the time to make all those choices we hope our future selves will make. Now is the time to stop saying we’ll do better tomorrow, because we said that yesterday.
Now is the time to embrace the timeless urgency of motherhood, trade in our wants for our dreams and trade in regrets for Gold.

{This is where I put my hands on your shoulders, look you in the eye and say, “You’ve got this! Now go be awesome!” Fist bump.}

Oh yeah, there’s gonna be some well loved kids today.

Cue “The Eye of the Tiger…”
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Derricca said...

So encouraging! I take in every time someone says, "it goes by so fast" I don't want to take that for granted! I want to cherish it and one day look back and think, "it was awesome!"

Awww, thank you for sharing!