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Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

I received an Easter email from a co-worker at the US Center for World Missions. I was in such aggreement with his words that I am sharing them with you. He writes:

Twenty years ago, while in the Air Force, we were flying through Texas at 43,000 feet, usually high enough to go over or skirt around most thunderstorms.That day, they were the blackest I'd ever seen and towering up to 65,000 where airliners do not roam. (Around 60,000 feet human blood begins to turn to gas or "boil.") On the ground, hail was reported the size of golf balls and bigger.

Difficult periods in human history normally had precursors, storms rising on the horizon. Today, we see rain beginning to fall as black clouds are billowing over many spots around the world. Nations are more in debt than ever before, plunging deeper every hour. Humans are referred to as "carbon foot prints." America kills 1.3
million babies a year and China, 8 million. In the West, traditional marriage, family and enduring love is passé. North Korea has nuclear weapons. Iran isn't far behind. In the last 10 years, we've seen an unusual number of tsunamis, once in 200 year earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons.

1,977 years ago, the sky also grew black at noon when a bright, young Jewish teacher and healer,was nailed on a cross to die. Corrupt and ambitious leaders ruled the day. Jesus' meager band was scattered. Defeated. Or were they?

The message of Passover is about a God who rules in the midst of the storm. Our role is to trust and obey. Paradoxically, the power that raised Jesus from the dead is boldly moving in Iran, China, the Philippines, Korea and other locations. At the US Center for World Mission we are privileged to hear about such work, promote best lessons learned and encourage those who are passionate about the unreached of our planet.

We pray for you ardent faith in the coming days and new wonder in this Passover season.

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